Division of Human Nutrition & Health, Wageningen University & Research

Our mission is to improve human health through better nutrition. We have a broad expertise and outstanding facilities for academic education and research in Human Nutrition and Health. Our five chair groups have joined their complementary expertise in order to provide an integrated approach in nutrition education and research.

Human nutrition is one of the key subject areas belonging to the core of Wageningen University & Research. The mission of the Division of Human Nutrition and Health is to “Improve health through better nutrition”.

The five chairs of the Division have joined their complementary expertise. The added value is an integrated multidisciplinary approach in human nutrition education and research. This approach involves the level of the cell, the individual and the population. Moreover, it covers the full causal chain from determinants of food choice, to intake of foods and nutrients which affects nutritional status and body function, and subsequently health and disease. Our unique setting stimulates breakthrough research on the crossroads of the different levels and disciplines. Over several years this has resulted in a (inter)national leading position in both research and education.

At the Division about 180 persons are appointed, including 25 scientific staff members, 20 postdocs, 80 (inter)national PhD candidates and 40 technical and administrative staff members. Currently about 750 (inter)national students are enrolled in the 5 years BSc-MSc programme in Human Nutrition and Health.

Education and research is extended with collaborative alliances with many institutes in and outside the Netherlands, including several universities in Asia, Africa and Latin America.

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