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Wageningen Centre for Development Innovation


At Wageningen University & Research we want our knowledge and insights in healthy food & living environment to create a major impact on society. Therefore we strive to increase the value of our knowledge. Our experts at Wageningen Centre for Development Innovation create this value by bringing knowledge on food systems into action.

“Every day we empower individuals, businesses, sectors and countries and strengthen them in their capacity for sustainable and inclusive development.”

The strength of our network, the broad knowledge available within Wageningen University & Research, our on-the-ground expertise and the way we combine content expertise with process guidance enables us to bring knowledge into action and improve the quality of life.

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Diane Bosch

Diane is a nutritionist with over 25 years of experience in international food and nutrition security programming and capacity development in a multi-stakeholder setting in South East Asia, Pacific region and Sub Saharan Africa. The last years Ms, Bosch has been working in the areas of nutrition-sensitive agriculture, Food Systems for nutritious and sustainable diets and Right to Adequate Food. She is the focal point for the WCDI Fostering LifeLong Learning Approach.