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Rijk Zwaan

Rijk Zwaan is a Dutch family-owned vegetable breeding company. Rijk Zwaan develops vegetable varieties and sells the seeds produced from them.

Rijk Zwaan is a top-5 vegetable breeding company, with subsidiaries in 30 countries and over 3,300 employees worldwide. We develop new vegetable varieties and sell the seeds to growers in more than 100 countries. Together with our partners, we want to actively contribute to the world’s food supply and stimulate vegetable consumption by laying the foundation for healthy and appealing vegetables.

We are at the start of the vegetable supply chain. This position brings a huge responsibility with it. In a world where still 820 million people do not have enough to eat (2019), where 2 billion suffer from a lack of essential vitamins and minerals, and where the same number suffers from obesity, there’s still much room for improvement as it comes to the availability of sufficient, affordable, and healthy fresh vegetables.

By making high-quality vegetable varieties available to (smallholder) growers worldwide – suitable for different climate regions, by sharing technical expertise with growers and by collaborating with both public and private partners, we want to do our part in finding answers to these challenges and improving nutrition security in developing countries. We believe cooperating with NWGN and its partners will foster and strengthen our combined efforts.

Visit www.rijkzwaan.com