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Max Foundation

Max Foundation’s integrated approach combines nutrition with WASH and care to tackle undernutrition and stunting effectively.

Max Foundation works towards a healthy start for every child, and is currently active in Bangladesh, Nepal, and Ethiopia.

To create the biggest impact, Max Foundation developed the Healthy Village approach: an integrated approach of safe water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH), nutrition, and health components, including safe motherhood.

The Healthy Village approach mobilises all stakeholders in a community towards the common goal of child health, and incentivises entrepreneurship in the fields of sanitation, nutrition, health, hygiene, and agriculture to drive long-lasting behaviour change. Because healthy children come from healthy communities.

Max Foundation always strives for efficiency – the maximum value for money spent – and believes in the power of collaboration and engagement to move forward. It’s only by working together, that we can ensure a healthy start for every child.

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