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The Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition

The Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN) was launched at the UN in 2002 to tackle the human suffering caused by malnutrition.

Working with partners including governments, civil society, businesses, UN agencies, and academic institutions, GAIN aims at making healthier food choices more affordable, more available, and more desirable. We aim to support and advise governments, businesses, and development partners as they build and mobilise food and nutrition plans to advance nutrition outcomes. GAIN’s purpose is to improve nutrition outcomes by improving the consumption of nutritious and safe food for all people, especially the most vulnerable.


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Mieke van Reenen

Mieke joined GAIN in 2013. Mieke holds a Master’s degree in forest and nature conservation from the Wageningen University. She is particularly interested in linking ecological and agricultural systems with social livelihood improvements. Over the past ten years she has built a vast knowledge and expertise in the field of sustainable supply chains and public-private partnerships for nutrition. Mieke is currently the manager of the GAIN Netherlands office.