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Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Directorate-Generale for International Cooperation (DGIS), Inclusive Green Growth Department

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs promotes Dutch interests and values around the world. DGIS is responsible for the development cooperation policy and for its coordination, implementation and funding.

In order to formulate and carry out development policy, the Netherlands works with the governments of other countries and with international organisations such as the UN, the World Bank and the EU. DGIS themes include strengthening of sustainable inclusive growth, gender, prevention of conflict and instability and climate related interventions.

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Frits van der Wal & Cindy van den Boom

Frits and Cindy work within the cluster of food security and nutrition cluster. Frits has worked 18 years in eastern and southern Africa in rural development programs and works from 2001 onwards at the MoFA on private sector development and food & nutrition security. From 2009 he has increasingly put more focus on promoting multi-stakeholder investments in nutrition.  Cindy has a PhD in chemical ecology and started her public service career in 2005 at the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature management and Fisheries. At the moment she is account manager for projects dealing with climate smart and nutrition sensitive agriculture.