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Access to Nutrition Foundation

Our Access to Nutrition Indexes benchmark food and beverage manufacturers´ nutrition-related policies, practices and disclosures worldwide on a recurring basis.

The Access to Nutrition Foundation (ATNF) is an independent non-profit organization based in the Netherlands which is dedicated to objectively assessing and improving the contribution the private sector makes to addressing global nutrition challenges. The Foundation hosts the Access to Nutrition Index. The aim of ATNI is to encourage companies to both increase access to healthy products and also to responsibly exercise their influence on consumers’ choice and behavior.

The Access to Nutrition Index (ATNI) was designed through an extensive, multi-stakeholder consultative process. This was done to ensure that the Index would be a useful tool for various stakeholder groups (including the World Health Organisation, academia, civil society organisations, industry and investors) and that it would reflect the latest thinking and practices related to the private sector’s role in nutrition.

The development of the ATNI was supported by the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN). After an initial incubation period by GAIN, they are now owned and managed by the ATNF. The first Global Index, which assesses the largest food and beverage manufacturers globally, was launched in 2013, the second iteration of the Global Index was published in January 2016 and the third in 2018. Apart from Global Indexes the Foundation publishes country level Spotlight Indexes. The first Spotlight Index for India was published in 2016, the second for the US in 2018.

Since the launch of the Foundation in 2013, more than 64 investment firms have become signatories to the Access to Nutrition Index Investor Statement, with approximately $7 trillion assets under management.

ATNF is currently (2016-2021) funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs (DGIS), the UK Department for International Development (DFID) and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

For more information, visit www.accesstonutrition.org.